Fitted or built in wardrobes are custom made to fit any bedroom space large or small. The colour, material and style is chosen to suit the surroundings.

Typically they cover the length and height of a wall. This gives maximum internal storage space which means less external clutter in the bedroom.

Standard Fitted Wardrobes

Exteriors and interiors are designed according to the customer’s requirements.

Built in Wardrobe

Wardrobes with Painted Finish

Wardrobes with painted doors add a real personal touch to a room.

Wardrobes for High Ceilings

Extra storage units and even built-in beds on top of wardrobes make the most of space in rooms with high ceilings.

Wardrobe with storage on top for room with high ceiling
Wardrobe with built-in bed on top

Wardrobes and Shelving

Wardrobes and built-in shelving help maximize the storage space in a room

Wardrobes built around a corner and shelves for shoes
Wardrobes and Shelving for Shoes

Alcove Wardrobes

For bedrooms with alcoves or recessed walls, alcove wardrobes are perfect for making use of otherwise redundant space.

alcove wardrobes

Wardobes and Bedroom Furniture

Custom made bedroom furniture like beds, dressers or desks provide extra storage space and help keep a bedroom organized and tidy.

Built-in bed with storage underneath, dresser and wardrobe

Attic Wardrobes

Furnishing attic rooms is a challenge because of their sloped ceilings. Custom made attic wardrobes are cut to fit the slope of the ceiling and make the most of the limited space.

attic room wardrobe

If you are are considering getting fitted wardrobes made and would like to speak to an expert in this area, please get in touch.