Wardrobes for Period Homes

Wardrobes and Shelving for Shoes

Challenges Of Furnishing Period Homes

When it comes to furnishing and storage, period homes can present challenges. This is especially so when you want to get the maximum amount of storage space possible in a room. The rooms generally have high ceilings, unusual shapes, nooks and crannies and awkward spaces and standard furniture is not always the answer.

In this project, a customer was looking for a fitted wardrobe and open shelving to fill one side of a room. The challenge was that the room was an unusual shape – a bit like a horseshoe.

Wardrobe Interior Built in U-shaped room

Using The Room To Its Best Advantage

The solution was to build the wardrobe and shelving around the walls, meeting at an angle. The result? The area was used to its best advantage leaving no unused space and plenty of storage space for clothes and a place for a shoe collection.

Wardrobes built around a corner and shelves for shoes