Who wouldn’t like a bit more storage space in their home? Most of us just need places to tidy away the things we use a lot and still keep them within easy reach. Many homes have the potential to increase their storage space by adding custom made storage units to unused spaces and nooks and crannies.

Understair Storage

Built in understair storage units maximize hallway storage space and create a clutter free hallway.

Hallway and Landing Units

The addition of a storage unit in the hallway or landing provides a much needed place to put things and makes use of dead space.

Attic Room Storage

In attics where space is at a premium, drawers recessed into the wall give extra living room.

Bay Window Seats with Storage

Built-in bay window seats can also be used for storage and help keep living areas tidy.

If you would like to increase the storage space in your home, please get in touch.