Stepped Wardrobes

Exterior of custom built stepped wardrobe

Furniture for Awkward Spaces

When you want to maximize bedroom storage space but have an awkward space to work with, it takes a bit of creative thinking to find a solution. I am often asked by customers to provide custom-made wardrobes for tight or awkward spaces.

In this case, the requirement was a four door wardrobe that spanned the length of a wall with shelves, hanging space and drawers in the interior.

There was only one suitable wall for this purpose and there was slight issue. The frame of the wardrobe had to be kept in line with the doorway to avoid blocking access. This meant that the depth would have been too shallow to store clothes on rails.

The Solution

The solution was to build a stepped wardrobe. The depth of the first section was kept in line with the doorway. This meant that the bedroom door could open and close without obstruction. The second part of the wardrobe came out slightly further giving ample room for hanging clothes.

Interior of wardrobe showing drawers, hanging space and shelves