Shelving and Units

Tailored to complement the existing decor and meet the needs of the individual household, bespoke shelving and storage units will transform any room both on a visual and a practical level. A combination of open shelving and cabinets are ideal for organising a living space and making it look pretty.

Alcove Units

The addition of Alcove Units to either side of a fireplace is a very popular way to organise living space. The shelving provides a home for items you want to have on show while cabinets are perfect for concealing the things you want to hide away.

Corner Units

Fitted custom made corner units provide more storage space than standalone pieces of furniture as they are designed to make the best use of every inch of available space.

Corner Media Unit and shelving
Corner media unit and shelving

Media Units

Technology is an important consideration in most living rooms from TVs to sound systems. With this comes problem of the accompanying tech clutter like routers, cables and chargers. Media Units with a dedicated space for a TV or other media with insets to run cables and cabinets to conceal the tech paraphernalia are an elegant solution to this.


Bookcases will add character to any room and can range from a few simple bookshelves to a floor to ceiling bookcase with integrated cabinets.

If you are thinking of making improvements to your home by adding shelving and units and would like to find out more about my service, please contact me.