Alcove Wardrobes

alcove wardrobes with drawers

Maximize Bedroom Space

If you have alcoves in your bedroom and you are thinking about how to maximize storage space, built in alcove wardrobes could be the answer. They can be designed to fit any space big or small. Plus, you can choose from a range of wood types and styles to suit the existing bedroom decor.

Custom Interiors

As with any bespoke wardrobe, the interiors are designed according to the customer’s needs. The internal layout is normally a mix of hanging space, drawers and/or shelves. The choice is yours as to what combination you prefer and how you want to organize your clothes and other belongings.

They are perfect for when you are sharing a room but want to store your items separately.

Alcove Shelving

An alternative is a combination of alcove wardrobes and open shelving to store books or personal items or other essentials.